14 Days, 14 Posts

I saw this challenge on Travel Bloggers Club, a group on Facebook for interacting with other fellow travel bloggers. It was a 14 day challenge entailing writing one post per day for 14 days starting from September 1. Looked like something interesting.

Why This Challenge

The first thing I thought of when I saw the post detailing this challenge, was the collection of drafts in my laptop. Some were half finished, some had a single paragraph while some were only titles. This looked like a good opportunity to finish them all.

Starting today, I’ll be posting one article every day till the 14th of September. As I love writing about airports, there will be a few articles on various airports along with other travel stories based on my experiences around the world.

Something About Me

Why do you love travelling?

It is always fun to visit a new place and see the life there. To explore a city or climb a mountain. It’s fascinating to see how the same place looks and feels different in different seasons.

Which is your favourite place to travel to?

No specific answer to this one. But my favourite place will be any place nestled in the mountains. It’s a bonus if there’s a lake nearby.

What is your #1 travel tip for saving money?

The best tip is to book your accomodation in the heart of the city you’re visiting so you get easy access to good restaurants, shopping and public transport. The accommodation will be costlier than elsewhere but you’ll end up saving a lot more in transportation.

How do you plan your travels?

First I decide the destination. Then I find out the best seasons to visit that place. Follows, a quest to get the best airfare. Then come the long sessions on TripAdvisor to make a to-do list. Once this is done, I’m all set!

Which is your favourite continent to visit?

Europe. I just love the mediaeval old towns found in most European cities along with stunning landscapes found just a little away from the city. Visiting any European country means experiencing a rich culture with every country having their own distinct language, food and culture.

Tell us about the moment you realised travel was for you

I have always loved travelling. Right from nature walks to city explorations. I started writing about my travels 4 years ago and realised how enjoyable it was.

The Travel Bloggers Club Community

This is a great platform for travel bloggers to connect with one another from different corners of the world and help each other. I’ve been finding interactions in this community fruitful and informative. It’ll be fun to see various travel bloggers share their content in the next 14 days. Here are the links to pages of other bloggers participating in this challenge:

Adventures in Aussieland

Digital Travel Guru

Creative Travel Guide

Ee Sing’s Traventures

Hello Yeshi

Kirsty Through the Looking Glass

Meldrums on the Move

Career Gappers

Travel Trivago

Suzanne Easton Photography

Keep visiting this page for a new post everyday and hope you enjoy the upcoming content!


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