The Northern Lights – A Camera Trick?

Everyone must have seen pictures of the Northern Lights. Instagram is flooded with those brilliant displays of predominantly green fluorescence in the night sky. Dancing the night away. They come in different shapes and colours. Right from a blood red to an electric blue. From luminescent ribbons to sparkling spirals to glittering arcs. Every sighting […]

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Such a powerful word! Something around which our entire existence lies. We grow up in a cocoon of people sharing the same language. Listening to the language. Imitating the sounds. And with this language comes a plethora of cultural treasure. Traditions and folk arts are unlocked because you can comprehend them. Food habits are shaped […]

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Exploring the Alps

The Eiger North Wall was right in front of me. I could even make out the fissures in the rock face leading up to the peak and to the huge river of ice that was the Eiger Glacier. A huge craggy rock face, it reminded me of The Wall in Game of Thrones. Only, this […]

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New Delhi to Chopta

It had been twelve full hours since starting the journey. The road twisted and turned through the Himalayan range. Full of giddy altitudes and hairpin bends. The bus had been following the winding route for several hours on the narrow roads. The heat coupled with the road was sickening. The destination, still a few hours […]

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Zurich Altstadt

What better way to spend a day in a new city is there other than wandering around with a camera in hand? I recently moved to Zurich, Switzerland for my studies. Today I had the day pretty much to myself as the semester hasn’t started yet. So I decided to make fruitful use of my […]

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Shady Food Joints of Vile Parle

Everyone loves cheap food. And the best places for cheap food are located on the streets. Vendors selling either from a van or a stall by the roadside are normally the most popular places for such tasty bites on the go. Most of these places won’t feature high on the list for the most hygienic […]

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The Hakone Circuit

From the cable car, I could see fumes rising up into the sky. Snakes of white smoke curling out of their bills. A fine yellow powder coated the ground, giving it a yellow tint. The sulphurous odour had yet to penetrate the cable car. I could only imagine how strong the smell might be down […]

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