Zurich – The Little Big City

The largest city in the tiny alpine country of Switzerland is still small by the standards of most metropolises. But that doesn’t stop the Swiss from taking pride in what they lovingly call their little big city. A city of finance and innovation. Of learning and theatre. Of material affluence and industrial influence. A city […]

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Geneva – a Truly International City

If modern history was a play and the cities of the world the audience, Geneva would have had a front row seat. This city has been a witness to all the important geopolitical events of the past century. The League of Nations, a body that can be considered as a precursor to the more successful United Nations we have today, was headquartered here.

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Through the Looking Glass

This post is not based on my personal experience. Stuck in our home for days on end, there comes a time when you exhaust your capacity to binge-watch or scroll mindlessly through social media. Hobbies start getting boring. Maybe you finished that colouring book or ran out of online games. The photographer gets tired of […]

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What Makes a City?

Cities. Those places of densely packed humankind. Teeming with possibilities that act as a magnet to thousands. Places of gleaming stores and shining offices. Places whose inhabitants are in always in a state of activity. Either the bustle of meeting appointments or the pursuit of tackling deadlines. These are the places where the whole spectrum […]

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Something Like Home

What does home mean? Is it the place you’ve lived in the longest? Or is it the place you grew up in? Is it the memories you associate with the place or is it the place itself? A place covered by four walls and a roof. A place that’s a sanctuary for you. A place […]

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